Hey guys! As I prepare for my upcoming trip to Florida, I decided I’d try to do a “what’s in my park bag” post! (this is also super helpful for reminding me of what I need to bring home from Ohio with me) I tried to draw as best I could in 3D paint. My stylus is literally 50 cent trash so… yeah I did my best.

  1. iPhone and portable charger: A few years ago, the number of cameras and extra batteries that I kept in my bag was excessive. But one unfortunate camera accident later, I’ve started pretty much exclusively bringing my iPhone for photos. I do have a video camera, and I will be trying to pull it out more often on this next trip in an attempt at vlogging. I also like to bring my wall charger brick so I can plug in and save battery while I am in the parks. Battery seems to go away really quickly when in the parks, so a bit of extra charge is always a bonus! I also do  a LOT of periscoping in the parks, so definitely follow me on there if you haven’t 🙂 username: thatdisneynerd
  2. Minnie Ears: I wear them most of the time I’m in the parks, but I get frequent headaches, so they sometimes end up in here, especially when I hop on rides.
  3. Pin lanyard: I haven’t done a ton of pin trading lately, but I always bring my pins with me and pull them out if I find one I really need.
  4. ID: because you never know when you’ll find an awesome drink that you must consume… especially when you’re in Epcot or at the Polynesian.
  5. Cool Rag: You know those little white rags you whirl in the air and they instantly become cool? You can find them all over the parks around parade time on those roaming trolleys, they are awesome for when you feel like your melting. My mom and I bought one while we were melting prior to the festival of fantasy parade.  I highly recommend putting them in the fridge the night before to make them extra cool.
  6. Sunglasses: because it’s the sunshine state and I think I’d go blind if I didn’t have sunglasses. I also like to pack a little sunglasses cleaning kit, because I get extremely annoyed if there are smudges on them.
  7. Change of Clothes:  Particularly, a change of shorts for after any and all water rides, especially Kali River Rapids. No matter how hot it is, you won’t dry off in time for your dinner reservation/ air conditioned ride back to your hotel and you will quickly turn into a popsicle. I also like to pack a small hairbrush and some make up to touch up after rides so I look fresh for those many photopass sessions. Another good item to have packed away is an ultra lite rainjacket- i have an extremely thin one that i can bunch up into a small ball and shove into my bag. While the ponchos are a Disney classic, they’ve become rather expensive. If you own a light rainjacket I would suggest you bring it if you have the space.
  8. Gum:  I always carry some gum with me when I am on vacation. It was a thing my grandma would buy me and my brother before we went on vacation, and it’s just become a habit ever since.

What else do you guys bring to the parks with you? Let me know in the comments!