Next up on our list of off- property food locations, a place that my family and I actually went to twice on our trip! Well, technically we ordered it to go the second time, but you get what I mean 🙂

Pizza Corner is an unassuming little pizza joint located across the street from both Aulani and MonkeyPod.  A full menu from this restaurant can be found here. They serve pizzas, pasta, salad, and some of the best garlic knots around.

When we visited, we ordered a cheese pizza, some garlic knots, an antipasto salad, and some drinks.


I’m a big fan of antipasto salads. This one wasn’t anything fancy, but it was a great deal for the price and was delicious! The best part of the meal arrived shortly after, however: the garlic knots!! I LOVE garlic, and bread, and all things cheesy, and these garlic knots sure hit the spot in these departments. I just wish we were given more of them in one order 😉


The pizza we got was also amazing, but I sadly only got one quick picture of it between hungry bites. It really hit the spot! Large, super cheesy slices really hit the spot after a long day at the pool.


I’d definitely recommend giving this place a try if you’re craving pizza. They even deliver for free!!

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