One thing you can always count on at a Disney resort is an abundance of different activities to assure that no one is ever bored, and Aulani is no exception! There are tons of activities to participate in at the activity center. My favorite activity, however, has to be Lei Making!

Duffy peaking into the activity center.

When you arrive at Aulani resort, you are greeted and given either an orchid or kona nut lei, depending on if you’re a man or woman. The orchid lei’s are gorgeous, but they don’t exactly last long, on account of the heat and general wear and tear due to the fact that they are made of delicate orchids. You can always refridgerate them when you aren’t wearing them in order to make them last longer, but you can also go to the activities center and make a brand new one on certain days of the week! This is a complimentary activity that is done at many of the resorts on the islands.  Since I also participated in a Lei making activity while I was on Maui, I didn’t take as many photos while I made one at Aulani, but the process is the same no matter where you learn it, so I’ll add some photos from my other class!

First, you will have to tell the cast members at the activity center, and they will give you a giant needle with a long string tied to it.


Next, you will head on over to one of the activity tables, where there will be two boxes filled with fresh white and purple orchids.


The first thing your going to want to start doing is remove the little white stems from the back of the flowers you’d like to use. I’d recommend starting with about ten or fifteen of them. Once you have removed the little stems, you’re reading to start adding them to the string!


In order to add the orchids to the string, you are going to want to use the needle to pierce through the center of the flower (CAREFULLY, because the needle is sharp). Once you’ve gotten the needle through, you will pull it and the string all the way through the hole until you reach the knot at the end of the string. You’ll repeat this process until your lei is long enough to be worn.


Once you are finished adding flowers, you will take your lei over to a cast member, who will tie it together and cut it off of the needle. And voila!


IMG_4254One fun tip for lei making: you could also make a flower crown! simply measure the lei to have it fit atop your head rather than around your neck 🙂

I would definitely recommend trying to do this while you are staying at Aulani. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s always nice to be able to have a backup lei when the one you get on arrival starts to wither or lose flowers ( which actually happens way quicker than you think it will, no matter how careful you are with it!

Sadly, you can’t exactly bring these leis back home with you. An awesome way to part with them, though, is to give them to the Stitch statue in Waikolohe Valley. A cast member recommended we do it, and even took pictures while we did!


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