Hello, all! I apologize for not updatimg_9434ing in a while; I am currently in capstone and I have been extremely busy with schoolwork. No fun.:P But anyways, as many of you know, The Polite Pig opened over at Disney Springs a few months ago! Thanks to a friend who asked for a dining suggestion at Disney Springs the day after it opened, I now have a quick review of his experience for all of you! Shout out to Vic for all photos and opinions of the food. It should be noted that I have obviously NOT actually tasted this food myself yet, since I am not currently in Florida, so none of these descriptions were made by me. I should also point out that Vic is someone… neutral when it comes to reviewing most things. Luckily I was able to force a few opinions out of him. Also, he isn’t a fan of most sauces, and even though I had him sample all of them, most of his reactions looked like a baby sampling lemons for the first time, so I decided I wouldn’t be reviewing them until I actually got to try them.


The Polite Pig is located in the Town Center area of Disney Springs,  right next to the Lime Garage escalators. It specializes in BBQ and has a bar with LOTS of beers on tap! It actually has two different bars- one inside and one outside, along with lots of outdoor seating. This was surprising to me, and I’m interested to see how foot traffic is around the outdoor seating area.


This place was PACKED, but I will attribute that to opening week crowds. The interior is pretty cool, and has a rustic and somewhat industrial feel to it, with its brick walls as well as iron beams in the ceiling. It is also full of various pig- themed artwork; it lines the walls in the dining areas and bathrooms.

This little piglet painting is SO CUTE. I want to hang it up in the living room of my new apartment. 


The Food

Lets eat!

This is the best picture of the menu I could get. As you can see, the items are rather pricey, but these are prices that veteran Disneygoers have become accustomed to when looking to dine on- property. There is also an explanation of all of the sauces they serve accompanied by menu item pairing recommendations. They also have a list of all of the bourbons they serve- I counted a whopping 52, ranging in price from $9- $99!



On this particular day, I decided to Facetime my friend while he was in line, since he wanted help choosing food and I wanted to procrastinate studying for an exam I had the next day. After a long discussion, we decided to order the Hop Salt Pretzel, Charred Broccoli, Sweet Potato Tots, and Brisket. We also got all of the sauces from the Sauce Bar, but as I mentioned previously, we won’t be reviewing them here. Once the order was placed, we found a seat and an employee brought out the food before we could go on a quick tour of the restaurant.

Our rather large, somewhat expensive spread that I sadly did not get to directly consume.  

Hop Salt Pretzel – $10

Since both of us are HUGE fans of  both cheese and pretzels, we decided to order the Hop Salt Pretzel.  It comes with a side of beer cheese fondue and IPA mustard. As you can see, this thing is gigantic, and it reminds me of the pretzels you can find in Epcot’s Germany pavillion.


Victor isn’t the biggest fan of IPAs or mustards, but since he was my guide to reviewing this food, I told him to try the IPA mustard for me. He was not a fan. He was, however, a big fan of the pretzel. He said it was flavorful, but said the beer cheese tasted odd. We realized that a small film had formed on the top of it, so a quick mix of the dip produced a better taste.

Sweet Potato Tots and Broccoli – $6 each or 1 side with a meal


In a search for a side to go with the brisket meal, the sweet potato tater tots immediately caught Victor’s eye because they were topped with Parmesan cheese, and Victor is basically 10% Parmesan himself. These were a major winner. They were slightly crunchy and I bet they would have gone really well with the fondue (then again, what wouldn’t go well with cheese fondue??). Had he not already eaten a good amount of pretzel, he could have eaten all of these.



He also got the charred broccoli in place of the slaw that traditionally comes with barbecue meals. It was mixed with an herb buttermilk and granola. This was simply odd in my own opinion, mostly because it was in fact served cold? I had heard from other reviewers that it was intended to be served cold, which is even weirder to me. I personally prefer raw broccoli to cooked broccoli, since the mushy texture of cooked broccoli has always made me a little uncomfortable for some reason. My brain and tongue could not get on board with the idea of a cold broccoli that was possibly mushy from being cooked. Victor prefers cooked broccoli, however, and his stance on the dish was that while it was a little odd, it wasn’t bad. Overall, the reaction to this side was relatively neutral.

Brisket and Garlic Bread – $16


Upon first inspection of this dish, I personally had high hopes. Vic has spent quite a bit of time in Texas for business, though, so he went in with knowledge of what real Texas barbecue tastes like. We both immediately noticed that it was a rather fatty cut of meat, which Victor said was a little unusual for brisket. His first bite seemed to leave him a bit confused, but when he took a few more bites, an opinion quickly formed.  He said that the sauce that they put on the meat was not something he would want paired with the brisket, and he felt as if it took away from the meat itself. If he were to order it again, he would have asked for the sauce on the side, since he felt as if its taste was preventing him from enjoying the brisket.  He took a bite of the garlic bread and was sad to find that it was just toast, with no garlic flavor at all. Now, this might have simply been an opening week flop, and I would definitely not base your decision on this one visit on their 2nd day of being open.

Overall, I want to make a trip to The Polite Pig myself so I can personally try the pretzel and get a bite of their delicious desserts, and maybe even taste some of the drinks at one of their two bars. When it comes to making a meal out of a trip to this restaurant, however… As a person who typically only eats one or two meals in Disney Springs over the course of a trip, I would say there are plenty of other options in this price range with food that I would rather eat. If I were in a mood for some barbecue, though, I would definitely consider giving The Polite Pig a try! Sadly, I haven’t really heard much about it since it opened, so I don’t know of what, if any, improvements that have happened since opening week.

Another shout out to my friend/ makeshift guest reviewer Victor for taking the time to head over to Disney Springs and brave the opening week crowds!!

What are your thoughts on The Polite Pig, guys? Let me know in the comments if you have visited and if so, what your thoughts were!