Bonjour! In honor of the recent release of the new live- action Beauty and the Beast film, today we will be returning to the Beast’s Castle to enjoy breakfast AND get a bit of an updated look at the way the restaurant is running their quick service meals. Let’s go!


As I mentioned in my last review, Be Our Guest is located in New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom and serves a casual breakfast and lunch, while it changes over to a slightly fancier, table service style restaurant. For those of you on the Disney Dining Plan, Be Our Guest counts as a Quick Service Credit for breakfast and lunch, and a Table Service Credit for dinner. One bonus about using a Quick service credit at breakfast is that you aren’t spending over $50 on breakfast for two people… which is what we did.



Check in for Advanced Dining Reservations
Be Our Guest bridge, before the umbrellas, 2016

The first of a few updates I have for Be Our Guest since I last visited is the addition of umbrellas on the bridge! If you arrive before the restaurant opens, you will have to wait in a line on the bridge and spend some time enjoying your view of this majestic, castle like front door. When this restaurant first opened, there was no form of shade on the bridge, and cast members actually handed out umbrellas and water to guests standing in line. You are able to book an advanced dining reservation for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While a reservation through the My Disney Experience app is really only “required” for dinner, I would highly suggest getting one, since this is a very popular restaurant that your family won’t want to miss! It also gives you the added benefit of not needing to wait in line when the restaurant opens, since you will be guaranteed a spot AND you even have the opportunity to order your meals in advance! This leads in to my second update, which is the addition of a pre- order line.


If you ordered your meals online, or in our case, made an Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) , as you cross the bridge and enter the castle, a cast member will ask you if you made an ADR, and will follow it up by asking if you preordered online. When we went for breakfast, there was a pretty long line for standby ordering, so even though we hadn’t ordered already, we were told to go to the left and join the much shorter line which is mainly for preorders. If you did preorder online, they will read off your order to confirm it, as well as give you the chance to make any changes.



View from our table 

Once you confirm and pay for your order, a waiter will take you into the dining area, and more so help you find seating than seat you, but even then, it felt as if I wasn’t really able to choose the exact table I would normally search for (by the “windows” typically). That being said, we actually ended up with a very nice seat overlooking the ballroom, right by the wall (and plugs for charging!). We had also noticed it almost immediately upon entering the ballroom, which is most likely why we weren’t asked which room we wanted to eat in. I am not sure if this is a regular thing or just something they are testing out during the busy Spring Break rush, but it is the first time I’ve come across it. In addition, I noticed that there seemed to be more room to move around between tables in the ballroom, as well as less seating, obviously.  I found it a little odd that there were less tables at this time of year, which probably also contributed to the guided seating. There are 3 unique rooms to choose from when it comes to seating, though: the peaceful Rose Gallery, the infamous West Wing, and the gorgeous Ballroom.

You might want to take a few things into consideration when choosing a place to sit:



When it comes to the West Wing, it is designed to look like the West Wing from the film, complete with a floating rose and a torn up painting of the prince, which does a little transformation every fifteen minutes or so. Because of this, it is a very popular room, and as a result it can be difficult to find a table in there. It is also extremely dark in this dining area, to the point where I was unable to really get any good pictures (enjoy this single, dark, blurry photo I quickly grabbed while looking for a seat). There is also a constant “thunderstorm” going on, which can make it very frightening for young kids. If they are seating people like we were on our most recent trip, ask your servor if you can be seated in one of the other dining areas.


img_8393-1The favorite dining area for many guests who visit  place Be Our Guest, including myself, is the Ballroom. There is always a gentle snowfall going on outside the large “windows” and the chandeliers and beautiful mural painted on the ceiling are simply breathtaking. The music that they play in the ballroom is the score from Beauty and the Beast, and it is guaranteed to make any fan of the original film somewhat emotional on their first visit to this restaurant. I would recommend getting a table near the “windows” or walls if you choose to eat in the ballroom, since those tables are right next to a wall, so there are  fewer tables around you, and probably an outlet nearby for a quick phone charge. To see more photos of this dining area, check out my last review of Be Our Guest here!


If you are looking for a quieter, more brightly lit dining environment, I would suggest eating in the Rose Gallery, which I like to call the Music Box room because of the large music box- style statue in the center of the room. This room is open during breakfast and lunch, and is typically fairly empty and quieter than the other two dining areas. I was able to grab a quick photo of the room on my way out of the restaurant. If you prefer booth seating, it should be noted that this room is the only dining area with it. Also, the paintings on the wall are all adorable.


And now, onto the food!

As you can tell from the menu, all meals are at a prix fixe price of $24 for adults, and $14 for children under 9. I have never had to order a kids meal, so I am not sure how strict they are when it comes to ordering a kids meal for someone older than 9. I’m assuming you can, but they will charge the adult price?




When it comes to drinks, I thought it might be helpful to point out that coffee, tea and soda are all you care to enjoy, and you can serve yourself at the drink stations located in each dining area. If you order one of these items, these stations are where you go to pick up your drink cup. If you order apple juice, orange juice, milk, or chocolate milk, you get one container without refills, and they come out with your meal. I would recommend ordering a soda in addition to any of these options, so you can at least have something to drink if you run out of yours. When we went, I ordered a chocolate milk and my mother ordered a soda, which we ended up sharing once I finished my drink.




Regardless of what you order, your table receives an assorted plate of pastries. These typically include a cinnamon roll, a croissant, two mini muffins(for us, it was one blueberry and one bran muffin, I believe), and a chocolate croissant. These are your typical Disney Bakery pastries, not bad, but not something exclusive to Be Our Guest. I had the chocolate croissant pastry, and it was very good. I also split the croissant with my mother, and we used it to lap up the excessive amount of bechamel sauce that came with my meal. It is sort of difficult to eat these pastries, though, because they come out at the same time as your food. I sort of wish it came out a few minutes before your meal, because I wouldn’t feel like I was letting my food get cold as I tried the different pastries.


For my meal, I ordered the Croque Madame, which is an open faced ham and cheese sandwich topped with a fried egg and a bechamel sauce, garnished with chives, and served with a side of fruit salad. Or should I say, cantaloupe and honeydew with a few grapes thrown in to spice things up. I am always disappointed when a fruit salad is this bland. For $24, I’d like to see more strawberries, watermelon or pineapple instead of simply melon. My mother, who loves cantaloupe, really enjoyed the fruit mix though.


The actual sandwich is served warm, as opposed to the other open faced sandwich, which is served slightly cooler due to the lettuce that is on it. The Gruyere cheese that is served on this sandwich is definitely the predominant flavor on this sandwich.The egg itself was over medium, which was a little disappointing because I would have preferred over easy, however, I have seen multiple other people also receive this sandwich and have their eggs over medium as well, so I’m guessing that is how they cook them at this particular restaurant, possibly for food safety reasons. It wasn’t bad, just something of which you should be aware.

Now. To address the real issue I had with my meal. If you can’t tell from the picture, it is absolutely drowning in bechamel. I love a good bechamel sauce, and this sauce was, well, adequate. A little bit on the bland side if anything, but not what I would consider to be bad. I was able to share the sauce with my mom, and she really enjoyed it on her meal, so it was not an issue of taste of the sauce. There was just. So. Much.  It actually made the sourdough my sandwich came on totally soggy to the point it was falling apart. If the amount that physically made it on to the sandwich was the amount that they put on this dish, it would have been perfect. The fact that they seemed to put a puddle of sauce on the plate before they even constructed the sandwich was simply too much of a good thing.


My mother ordered the scrambled egg whites which came with roasted tomatoes and chicken sausage, as well as the traditional fruit salad. These items went well together, and the egg whites were cooked well. The chicken sausage was full of flavor. The roasted tomatoes were a unique addition to your run of the mill breakfast plate. When cut up and added to the egg whites with a bit of sausage, it was delicious.The food in this dish was good, and it makes for a nice, healthy theme park breakfast, but I feel like there could have been just a little more egg white on the plate for $24.

But wait, there’s more!!! In addition to the breakfast food we ordered, I discovered that you can order something not listed on the menu for breakfast.While we were waiting to order our meal, I heard the cast member verifying the pre order in front of us, which she ended with “and one grey stuff cupcake.” My ears perked up like a dog’s, and I thought I misheard her. I had never had any of the desserts at Be Our Guest, and I was dying to try the Grey Stuff. When it came time for us to order, I asked the CM if I could order it and she said yes! We ordered one for $4, and just. Wow. Was I glad we did.



Oh. My. Goodness. This was probably the best cupcake I have ever eaten in a Disney Park, or maybe anywhere. The Grey Stuff itself was a whipped cream based, cookies and creme flavored frosting. A hefty portion of it adorns a chocolate cupcake, and is topped with crunchy pearls and a white chocolate square. The cupcake itself is relatively small compared to the typical Disney cupcakes seen throughout the park, but the flavor and the quality of this cupcake far exceeds that of the standard Disney cupcake. The cake itself was moist and rich, while the Grey Stuff itself was light and creamy. Normally, I am not a fan of having a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate frosting, because I don’t want to be overpowered by too much of one flavor that I can’t escape from.  This cupcake did NOT have that problem at all. The Grey Stuff and the cupcake can both easily be eaten on their own and still be just as delicious. This is a welcome change from the extremely sugary frostings on other cupcakes. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good buttercream cupcake, but I am no longer ten years old, and the thought of eating straight up frosting without cake is no longer as appetizing as it once was. I could easily sit down with a bowl full of grey stuff and eat away to my heart’s content. If you have ever eaten “dirt” – typically Cool Whip mixed with pudding mix and Oreos- this is a better version of that.


Be Our Guest is a simply stunning restaurant. The ambiance takes you back to the beloved original film. If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, this restaurant is one of the best Quick Service credit options you can make in the parks. If you are paying for your meals upfront rather than using a Disney Dining Plan credit, unless you are planning a dinner reservation and wish to skip lunch, I would probably advise against breakfast. While the food was good, I am a college student who is paying more and more attention to pricing when I am on vacation, and I don’t feel as if it is truly worth the $24 a person if you are planning on going with four or more people older than 9. Not only is it rather pricey for a breakfast in which you are still responsible for getting your own fountain drinks and silverware, but it also becomes difficult to share the pastry tray you are given at your table, which sort of becomes your side dish in a way, as several meals only come served with a small cup of fruit. All in all, if you are looking to eat at Be Our Guest while in the Magic Kingdom and breakfast is the only meal that works for you, then by all means I would recommend going! If not, I would say go to lunch. The portions tend to be larger, while the prices are smaller, sometimes even $10+ cheaper.