Today’s Flower and Garden Festival booth review takes us to the very front of World Showcase, where we will find Urban Farm Eats. Located by the butterfly house and directly to the right as you approach World Showcase Lagoon, you will find a unique, eco- friendly looking booth surrounded by flowers and chickens among other things.







This booth is all about showing people how to grow their own sustainable gardens full of flowers, vegetables and even chickens in an urban setting where space is valuable and limited. The booth itself is surrounded by different gardens and examples of how to condense a large garden into a small area by utilizing vertical gardens to build a garden up rather than across.



The food booth itself had a focus on unique, urban inspired dishes, with an emphasis on having vegetarian and gluten- free options available. They also featured a few unique beverages and cocktails, like the Urban Fairy which is made with Absinthe, and a Wildflower Pale Ale brewed in Chicago. img_7863

What caught my attention during the Festival preview was the Crabless Cake. Being a lover of all things crab, I knew I would need to try this item out and see if it could stand up to a real crab cake.


This crabless cake is served with a crispy vegetable “slaw”, lemon vinaigrette, and Old Bay Remoulade. First off, this item looks spectacular. I really enjoy a meal that is presented in an aesthetically pleasing way, and an abundance of Old Bay Remoulade is about as gorgeous as a meal can be in my eyes. The little cilantro garnish is a nice touch as well. Since there is this abundance of what I believe to be an amazing thing, you can’t really see the actual star of the meal. We actually discussed this dish with our live periscope feed -which can be rewatched here for what was a real time reaction to our first bite and a look at how it was prepared by the kitchen. You also get to see just how anal I am when it comes to taking pictures of food. Oi.


Anyways, this was definitely in my top list of items I was able to try at the festival. I don’t know what they replaced the crab with in this dish, but it was amazing, although I’m not sure it really tasted like crab due to the excessive amount of Old Bay Sauce compared to the size of the cake itself. The cake isn’t thin per say, but again, it is completely coated in Old Bay sauce. The sauce was very flavorful and mildly peppery taste… I think that’s the correct term for it…? Can you tell I’m not a chef or an expert food reviewer? ANYWAYS… My whole family enjoyed this item, including my dad, who really doesn’t enjoy seafood. While the vegetable slaw wasn’t really my favorite thing on its own, probably due to the lemon vinaigrette, my mother thought it was great. I honestly wish I had gotten it again later in the day, since I felt like I ate this rather quickly. I was also sharing it, and it was only about the size of my palm, which is not that big. This size is on par for other festival food items, just don’t expect to get a big portion if you are sharing with two other people!