I am officially back from beautiful, sunny Florida! Sitting here in my robe and sweatpants wrapped around a hot cup of tea (courtesy of the Royal Tea Tour) not only further solidifies my deep inner desire to move down to central Florida next year, but it has also made me crave all of the amazing food I had on my trip! And thus, we shall take a monorail over to the Polynesian to have my favorite after- park snack: the Pulled Pork Nachos! Although, I did discover that these are also available at the Tambu Lounge by ‘Ohana, in case you would like to share these while enjoying a drink or two. 😉

These “nachos” consist of house made kettle chips topped with pulled pork, onions, cheese, tomatoes, spicy mayo and pineapple salsa. If you look closely, you can see rather sizeable chunks of pineapple! I will start off by saying that I’m not typically a fan of putting fruit in traditionally savory dishes, so I was a little nervous about this dish when we ordered it. I am however a big fan of nachos and trying new things, so I had to push my inner picky eater away and give it a try.

These nachos are unique and bursting with flavor. I was surprised that they used potato chips instead of the traditional tortilla chip, but they stood up to the toppings well. The pineapple lent a refreshing, tart flavor to the mild spiciness of the spicy mayo. The pulled pork was juicy but not overly spiced, and allowed the spicy mayo, cheese and pineapple salsa to really shine through in this dish. My only critique of this dish is that I wish they went as heavy on the cheese as they were on the onion.

If you are staying at the Polynesian Resort or you are taking a late- night, roundabout tour of the monorail resorts, I would suggest giving these nachos a try!