If you are planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom before March 15th, I would highly recommend checking out this extremely limited photo opportunity outside of the Tangled rest area! Right around sunset, a group of PhotoPass photographers arrive, carrying a lantern from the Tangled film. Every person and group is allowed the opportunity to take a set of three photographs with the lantern. This has proven to be extremely popular, and as a result, the line forms long before the sun starts setting and remains large throughout the night and moves rather slowly, so be certain to arrive EARLY and stand along the wooden fence along with anyone else that has arrived. We waited in a line for over 30 minutes, and arrived about ten minutes before the PhotoPass people showed up. Just assume that 99% of the people in front of you will be taking several group AND individual photos. The pictures we got were definitely worth it, though!



Even though this PhotoPass opportunity is scheduled to float away on the 15th, given its popularity and the number of people ahead of us that got PhotoPasses specifically so they could purchase these photos, I have a hard time believing it will be gone for good.