Hello, Disney foodies! Today, we are hitting up D- Luxe Burger in Disney Springs. Situated right on the gorgeous blue “spring,” D- Luxe burger is designed to look like a quaint little farmhouse- turned- burger joint.

Outside, you can find a menu with all of the burgers they have :

Inside the restaurant, you will find a variety of interesting artwork, with a charming “modern rustic” vibe throughout.If you walk around inside, you will come across plenty of pictures, posters and paintings that set the theme of the house, and pay homage to it’s backstory.

Glowing Oak Ranch sign, depicted in the painting on the opposite wall, meant to be the original sign from when this burger joint was a working ranch.
Unique ceiling tiles and one of the many quirky light fixtures.
D-Luxe Burger’s interior is filled with unique light fixtures, such as this rustic “chandelier.”
This painting in the back dining area shows the burger joint’s fictional previous life.
A poster advertising a World Fair held at Disney Springs
Bar- style seating with plugs galore, allowing you to power up your phone while you fuel up yourself. 😉

It is worth noting that we were here on a not- so- busy day, but aside from the bar- style seating, by the time our food arrived, there wasn’t any indoor seating left. There is a lot of outdoor seeting available, but I know some people, like my family, don’t really like eating outside, so I figured it was something to mention and keep in mind, especially if you find yourself there on one of those hot summer days when air conditioning is calling your name. 

The Food

We ordered the Ultimate Duo with 2 cluck burgers- which came with a regular sized fry and two drinks. If you are going to D- Luxe with multiple people, I would highly recommend saving some money and ordering at least one Duo. We also ordered a regular cheeseburger. After you order your meal here, you get a pager that tells the workers where your table is, and they will deliver it to you. One of the things I was anticipating the most about D- Luxe Burger were their dipping sauces. On their menu, they list their sauces out: Three Mustard and Honey, Garlic Ranch, Curry Ketchup, Chipotle Mayo, Buffalo Bleu Cheese, and Horseradish. The best part about the dipping sauces? You can order as many of them as you’d like for no additional charge! We, naturally, elected to order all of them. They didn’t have any of the Garlic Ranch, but this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, since there turned out to be plenty of garlic to go around in these burgers. 

My mom and I each got the Cluck Burger- a ground chicken patty with herb sauce, avocado, lettuce and tomato.First off, this burger was HUGE. It was the kind of burger that you need to flatten in order to fit it into your mouth. The chicken patty itself was rather sizeable, and it was also juicy and bursting with flavor. From the taste, it seemed that the ground chicken was mixed with garlic, pepper and other spices. It is worth mentioning that, while there was plenty of chicken, lettuce and tomato to go around, these burgers were somewhat lacking in avocado and herb sauce. I’m talking like… one slice of avocado each. I only know because my mom took the avocado off of her sandwich and gave it to me. It was one slice, diced into cubes. Fit on the top of a dipping sauce lid. If you are ordering this burger for the avocado, I’d suggest asking if they can add extra. I would also recommend asking if they could add more herb sauce, but I honestly couldn’t really taste it over the overwhelming taste of the chicken, so I actually have no idea what it tastes like. One unfortunate thing that I felt needed mentioning is the fact that my mom did find a small piece of bone/ cartilage in her patty. Now, it was only one piece, but still. Something worth noting and maybe looking out for if you should order this particular burger.

One additional thing I would like to add is this: in recent months, I have developed a rather weak stomach when it comes to the spicing and flavoring of foods. As a result, many things that used to be easy for me to eat now leave me with mild heartburn, which is sad for me, since I have an unhealthy obsession with flavorful foods and spices. I have decided to twist this into a positive by mentioning what foods I find overwhelming- a person who is now weak to all spiciness. I found the chicken patty itself to be a little on the overly spiced side for my taste. Not that it was spicy like a hot wing, but more that there were just too many bold flavors mixed with garlic and onion mixed with chicken. My tongue and stomach found it all to be a bit too overwhelming. Also, my mouth has had a hint of garlic in it for several hours now. They should really hand out mints. Holy garlic, Batman. So maybe if you are here on a date, bring your own TicTacs or gum… Or order another burger.

Now, on to my absolute favorite part of this meal- the fries. Goodness, were these the last thing I was expecting to be giving high praise in this review. When I saw their steep price on the menu- $5 for a regular and almost $8 for a large- I was rather skeptical. But after tasting them and proceeding to eat 90% of the regular order we were splitting… I have to say that they are the best french fries I have had on Disney property. Well cooked, crispy, and not greasy like some quick service locations, I would go back and only order a large thing of fries and a few of the dipping sauces. Speaking of dipping sauces…

 Up top, we have the chipotle mayo and curry ketchup, then on the bottom are horseradish, buffalo bleu cheese, and three mustard and honey. And now, a list of dips in order of our least to most favorite.

  • Three Mustard and Honey- My dad is a Honey Mustard fan, but he said too much like mustard for him. I tried it once, and  it tasted normal to me. Overall, no bad, but nothing special, so we put it at the bottom of our list. 
  • Curry Ketchup- My family isn’t super in to curry, so I was the only one to taste this one. To me, this tasted more like a salsa/marinara sort of hybrid than a ketchup? I have never really tasted curry before though, so that’s the best explanation I could come up with. If it were the only dip they had, i would eat all of it. But I was rationing a small thing of really tasty fries over many things of dip.
  • Chipotle mayo-This dip was very good, but it tasted exactly like the chipotle ranch at Red Robin.
  • Buffalo bleu cheese- my favorite dip of them all. Chunks of bleu cheese from the bleu cheese dressing. It was creamy and had the perfect amount of kick from the hot sauce. Definitely a winner. 
  • Horseradish- This one actually surprised me the most. I’m normally not a huge fan of horseradish, but this dip actually went really well with the cluck burger. I would put the whole thing of dip on my cluck burger next time. They went really light on the sauce with our cluck burgers. 

My dad ordered a Classic Cheeseburger. Again,another somewhat sizeable burger. I thought it was neat that they put a littlepick in the burger stating how it was cooked. I didn’t try this one, but from what  could tell, my dad enjoyed it. It isn’t anything unique, but if you are coming to D-Luxe Burger with family or friends and you don’t want to try anything too crazy, you can’t go wrong with this one. Lots of lettuce, big tomatoes, quite a few pickles can make these burgers a little hard to wrap your hands and/or mouth around. The wrapping on these burgers can definitely be helpfu in keeping your hands clean and your toppings between the buns. I have heard that burgers ordered without a cooking specification are served medium- well, so just keep that in mind and order your burger well done if you are used to that being the standard. 

I didn’t order any of the desserts or milkshakes on this trip, but I have heard that the Red Velvet Macaroon Cheeseburger dessert is gluten free? I would recommend asking to make sure, but if so that might be a nice option for those of you on a gluten free diet, since it can be difficult to find gluten free foods on property.

As I wrap up this review, I feel it is important to bring up price and dining plan options available here. If you can see on the earlier photo of the outside menu, the burgers start at $9.99. Most of them are around $11, while their fries start at $5 for a regular order. Now, we ordered a combo meal when we went, and it is a good way to save some money, since it comes with fries and drinks. If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, you get a burger, a drink, and a choice of fries or their cheeseburger macaroon dessert for one quick service credit.The regular sized fries and macaroon are also available as a snack credit. When you consider how much an Ultimate Duo is (2 burgers, 2 drinks and 1 regular fry for around $30!) I would say that D-Luxe would be another valuable way to spend a quick service credit on a day that you don’t plan on heading into the park. 

Overall, if you are really hungry for a quick burger and have adventurous tastes, I would recommend trying D-Luxe Burger out if you and your wallets are willing.