To continue today’s theme of arguably unhealthy meals for Fat Tuesday, we are heading on over to Epcot to visit the Electric Umbrella, a quick service location. I had planned to wait until after my Monday trip to Epcot to post this, since I am lacking photos of the inside of this particular location, BUT this is probably the biggest sandwich I have ever eaten at a Disney quick service spot, so I felt obligated to share it today. ūüėČ – UPDATE: More interior photos have been added! ūüôā

The Electric Umbrella is located to the left as you approach the fountain in Future World from Epcot’s main entrance, on the way to¬†Mission Space.¬†It is a large, 2 floor quick service area with a menu that caters to adventurous, picky and somewhat healthy eaters (or as healthy as you can be on vacation). This is a good place to go if you want to have a quick seat in air conditioning, or a dry shelter from a Florida rain shower.

Quick story time to set the scene for this review: This visit (which happened¬†way¬†back in August) was actually my very first trip into the Electric Umbrella. I was there with a poor, unfortunate soul who was unprepared for how hardcore I go when I attend a Disney park; I get there an hour early and go non- stop until the park closes for the day.This particular day was relatively hot and humid. We had bum rushed Soarin’ when the park opened. Normally when my family comes with me to Epcot, we go to Seasons for breakfast after going back- to- back on Soarin’/ Living with the Land.That was what we were planning to do on this trip- but when we got to Soarin’ I was sad to discover that their normal hot breakfast offerings were nowhere to be found! So we shared a rather expensive fruit cup and soldiered on to Test Track, waited in a 40 minute line, and then realized we were both totally starving, so we crawled over¬†to the first open food spot we saw, of course.



Electric Umbrella line queue to order and pick up meals.

When we arrived, we were handed a menu, which I quickly grabbed a picture of while we waited in line:


SO… what do you order when you are starving to death? The colossal French Dip Burger of course! I would like to point out that prices have changed, of course, and¬†what we actually ordered was a ¬†French Dip Burger combo, which comes with the burger, apple slices, fries, a choice of dessert, and a fountain beverage- current cost: $19.49. Yeah. It’s definitely a lot of food!



The fries were the typical quick service fries found at all the parks, and the apple slices were prepackaged in a little plastic bag, the same as is offered in the quick service kid’s meals. And now for the real reason for this review: the French Dip Burger. This burger was rather sizable, as you can imagine from the description: it¬†consists of a 1/3 pound Angus burger, topped with¬†brisket, crispy onion straws, and Muenster ( one of my favorite cheeses, coincidentally). Or, if your imagination isn’t up to snuff, you could always look over at the picture I conveniently added to this review.

When we were handed this sandwich, there was soooo much brisket on it that I couldn’t see the burger. Since we were planning to¬†eat our way around World Showcase that day, we decided to split this meal; when we cut into the burger, I still needed two hands to handle it, and even then I had a little trouble not making a mess. That could just be a personal problem though. I am not the cleanest person when it comes to devouring sandwiches. It was a pile of meaty deliciousness though… definitely delicious. My friend agreed, and similarly inhaled his half of the sandwich.



Next up, we had dessert. We opted for this chocolate cupcake instead of the cheesecake or brownie, since the picture of it up on the screen is what originally caught our eye when we were in line. Another thing you need to know about me is that I have been absolutely obsessed with blue colored foods since I was a toddler. Weird, I know, but true, and I felt as though I might as well address it now since it will probably come up again in another review… like probably every one involving fruity alcoholic beverages or frosted pastries. Obviously, the blue frosting with the glittery sprinkles that adorned this cupcake were all I needed to see to make me realize that I needed to have this cupcake in my life. As you can see from the second photo, it is your standard chocolate cupcake, meaning there is sadly no additional creme or other filling inside. It’s no Starring Rolls (RIP ūüė¶ ) Butterfinger Cupcake,¬†but that was fine for me, because after eating that sandwich, I really didn’t need that much cupcake. It was definitely a delicious way to end a meal, but nothing to specifically wait in the rather long line for.

Overall, I would recommend this combo to people who are either really hungry or are looking to split a meal just to get them through the day. Only half a sandwich and half a cupcake totally filled me up! If this meal were available in any of the other parks at Walt Disney World, I would highly recommend making this place your go- to spot for lunch. But, alas, we are located in Epcot, which means that World Showcase, with all of its amazing meal choices, both sit- down and counter service. When I think of Epcot, I typically imagine the San Angel Inn in the Mexico pavilion, Le Cellier in Canada, Via Napoli in Italy, etc.At $20, I feel as if this combo specifically isn’t a reasonable price for a lunch option, especially with similarly priced items available at nearby table service restaurants. I feel as if, unless you are looking for a sizable option that you can split among two or even three people to simply tide you over until your dinner reservations, your money or Dining Plan credits are best saved until you hit up World Showcase, simply due to the fact that there are SO MANY other options back there, and opportunities to taste foods from other cultures. This has nothing to do with the taste of the meal, because it was amazing. As a penny pincher and lover of international cuisine, my advice is that¬†you shouldn’t limit yourself to Future World for food if you only have one day to spend in Epcot.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried this or any of the other food offerings at the Electric Umbrella, and what you thought of it down in the comments!