Happy Fat Tuesday, or Paçzki Day as we call it in my relatively Polish household. In honor of this day full of food, I will be posting 2 seperate food reviews today!  😀 

 First up, we are heading over to the Dolphin Resort to try out some delicious desserts at The Fountain! 

The Fountain is a cute diner- style restaurant located inside the Dolphin. For lunch and dinner, it serves the standard diner fare, such as burger, salads, sandwiches and soups, etc. As far as ambiance goes, it is sort of “open air” as I like to call it. There aren’t really any walls seperating it from the halls of the hotel, which can cause it to become rather loud if either the restaurant or the hotel itself becomes crowded. I remember we arrived at an odd time, hoping to find some dessert after we declined a 50 minute wait over at Beaches and Cream. There is also a take out bar located next to the restaurant, where you can order food and desserts to go, which would be convenient if you were staying at the resort. We told our waitress we were there to order dessert, and she brought us a dessert menu:

As you can see, there are lots of dessert options to choose from here! The prices are also relatively cheap compared to other dessert locations in the area. Even better, not many people who visit the Boardwalk are aware of this food spot, since it isn’t really advertised outside the resort. We also happened to arrive at an off- time between lunch and dinner, so there weren’t a whole lot of customers or servors at the restaurant. Consider that a bonus to those of you who would like to avoid the chaos and crowds of other resort dining spots.

 The item that immediately grabbed my attention was one of their seasonal offerings: the Doughnut Panini. I ordered it with coffee flavored ice cream, which is the flavor our servor recommended. The first thing I noticed when it arrived was that the chocolate drizzle had been substituted for caramel. Fortunately, I love caramel, so this was a bonus for me. The second thing I noticed, which they neglected to mention on the menu, was the fact that the donut was jelly- filled. Had I known that, I probably would have opted for the peanut butter ice cream rather than the coffee. While I still really enjoyed it, there was something about the combination of jelly and coffee that I found a tad bit off putting. I ended up scraping off most of the jelly. Had I picked peanut butter, it would have been more like a delicious, ice cream uncrustable. That being said, it was still a very good dessert and I would recommend it if it is on the menu when you visit. 

We also sampled another seasonal dessert: the Smile S’more Milkshake. This dessert was a real prize winner at the table.  Look at that presentation! The fountain was making fancy milkshakes before both Toothsome’s AND Planet Hollywood Observatory. THERE, I SAID IT. They are also more realistic in terms of portion… but I digress. This summertime campfire memory in a glass was nothing short of joy- inducing. It was the first dessert to be gone by a longshot. Once my dad got a taste of it, I was banned from having another sip haha! If this isn’t a permanent resident of the menu, it should be. High marks from all at the table! 

And finally, we also sampled the blastin’ brownie sundae sans nuts. And by sampled, I mean we ate the whole thing. Quickly. I am a sucker for any and all ice cream covered in hot fudge, so this was a surefire winner for me. Overall, it’s a standard Brownie Sundae, so it’s pretty hard to go wrong with this choice. Not too big, but easily shareable between two or three people!

If you are visiting the boardwalk and want a sundae or milkshake, and Beaches and Cream has a long wait (which is a pretty common occurence these days), I would highly recommend giving The Fountain a try!! Their food options are similar, and their dessert offerings are equally as decadent, not to mention a tiny bit cheaper 🙂 This trip to the fountain was actually my first time entering the Dolphin, and I was very impressed with the amount of dining options within this hotel that I hadn’t even heard of before! I am planning on visiting this resort again to try out an actual meal during my next trip! 

Have you ever eaten at The Fountain or any of the other restaurants in The Swan or Dolphin hotels? If so, let me know where it was and how it went!!