As many of you have probably heard already, an opening day for the newest land in Animal Kingdom was announced! Visitors will be able to explore this new land beginning on May 27th, 2017. In more recent news, updates from various sources have given us new insight into the new, magical world of Pandora with a leaked image of the Banshee ride vehicles in the new AVATAR Flight of Passage attractions!

In the video(which I will link here since I am unable to embed the actual video), it appears that they are taking the idea of Soarin’ and stepping it up several notches, going for a fully immersive ride experience. According to the video , these Banshees will even breathe and move as you are riding them! If you go to the video link, you will also be able to see another image of the ride setup.

There have been a number of different aerial/ general updates for Pandora and the Animal Kingdom in general over the past several months:

There has also been another Pandora commercial, with new views of both the Banshees and the Navi River Journey. Hopefully we will get more previews of these exciting new attractions in the near future!

Personally, I believe that The View will be taping at Animal Kingdom for a reason, especially considering that they will be taping at the same time as the Flower and Garden festival. So something to keep in mind! 😉